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Decoction mashing

Here’s a quick-and-dirty walkthrough of a Hochkurz decoction mash by Steve Roach.  Steve is a German-lager obsessed homebrewer; he goes by roachbrau on the forum. If you’d like to discuss decoction mashing, check out the forum decoction thread HERE.

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Kloster Weltenburger

When we first arrived in Munich this summer, on our way to my wife’s family’s house we get to (well, I get excited about it) drive through the Hallertau and Danau river regions as we make our way north.  This … Continue reading

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Leipziger Gose – Repost from Facebook (Best of)

I had the opportunity to visit Bayerischer Bahnhof this past summer on our trip to Germany.  Bayerischer Bahnhof is located in Leipzig, in the old Bavarian train station located near downtown.  I’ve been here several times over the past few … Continue reading

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Capturing that elusive German Beer Flavor

We have been talking a lot about that elusive “German Flavor”.  Kai has a great video that talks about it, and obviously he is on that quest as well. What are your thoughts and experiences with that German/European beer flavor … Continue reading

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German Brewing Forum

We’ve created a forum for German Brewing discussion, come check it out!  We welcome discussion about all things German brewing and beer related.  Including brewing process, ingredients and recipes, commercial styles, and German food and culture as it relates to … Continue reading

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No German Brewing discussion would be complete without mention of Kai’s Braukaiser site.  A wealth of technical information on German brewing, including mashing, fermentation, recipes, carbonation, and numerous experiments Kai has performed over the years.

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The Quest for Edestoff

Here’s a great site that talks about brewing the perfect Munich Helles.  Including recipe ideas (from the Narziss German brewing book), mashing, fermentation, etc.  It’s a great read for gaining insight into how German Brewers brew the most delicate style. … Continue reading

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Welcome to German Brewing!

This site is dedicated to German beer brewing, beer culture and German culture in general. Beer is such an integral part of German culture that anything goes. For discussion of brewing questions, recipes, ingredients and ideas on process and technique. … Continue reading

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